Gunnar Swan

Hello there, I'm Gunnar and I produce Line-of-Business software applications - developing and maintaining software systems on behalf of enterprises large and small.

And develop consumer facing software which is more rigorous - consumers will throw your software away if you don't get it right the first time. Consumers are not guinea pigs.

In the Enterprise its customary to deliver several iterations as your software product develops its feature-set. Your boss wants to see what he is paying for and your end-users can provide more refined feedback as they see in real-time the software they will use. This is what's called 'Agile' and it can be a big time and money saver.

Analysis - Modeling - Project Management

From inception to deployment - I design and manage the software product, the project, the expectation and delivery on a budget. Or slot me into some aspect of your projects.

Modeling the domain, the workflows, the rules, constraints and the resulting database and web service design are areas of specialty. All of which can integrate with existing software systems and databases.

I'm a big fan of Object Role Modeling and UML. Both offer ways to visually diagram a system before coding starts and help set an expectation. Plus, it guides programmers, they have to stay with the models or explain why they are deviating.

Some may focus on a 'User Interface' first. This may be great for brand-new apps, but I would still model the domain and look where the domain and User Interface disagree. That's me though.

Programming & Database Administration

With all the models, expectations and deliverables in scope, it's time to bang out lots of code. The Client User Interface. Web Services. SQL.

I have a great deliverable/price ratio and easily compete with off-shore programmers. Actually, I'm more cost-effective than they are, bless them.

And of course, databases need maintenance - lots of moving parts in those things. SQL Server. PostgreSQL. MySql. Even Oracle. I administrate a number of database servers. Have we talked about Web Servers and SSL Certs? Covered.


Here are most of the technologies I use regularly in production environments. I'm agnostic in the Microsoft vs Java debate - and program both.

And then there is Salesforce. I've very good on this platform too. The 'platform' is more of an 'executive' choice, they all will work. So to the other programmers, I say 'Deal With It'.

UML Sprint Management Project Management Jira Git Java C# HTML5 Bootstrap VueJs jQuery Vaadin NancyFx ASP.NET SQL Server MySQL Oracle Salesforce SugarCrm ETL

Certifications & References

Programming is expensive, someone is paying and they want competent people on their projects. With over twenty certifications, I'm certain I get across - yes - I solve problems and will solve your problems with software I develop for you.

ps. It' not always about banging out code.





Got this cert to be sure I had a well rounded, complete understanding of what it would take to run programs over TCP/IP.


Ooh. Add two more. Recently obtained a certification in UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience ) - and - Programming Microsoft SQL Server.

What about references? My references are important people in my career. CPA's. CEO's. Directors. I offer references when there is an agreement in principle. But they are great references.


Earliest First - Some of my memorable associations...

and others ...

Current Engagement

Heading UpshotAPPS in the development of MediSeek.

We launched the 6th preview on July 9 2019. This 6th preview is the first public preview, the first 5 previews were private. As I mentioned before, it's important to get public facing programs right the first time. But it looks great and we should be going live soon.

MediSeek is a WebApp and a mobile app on the Google Play Store. It is also a REST Web Service that enterprises subscribe to.

MediSeek makes it easy to access the government maintained data about healthcare providers. You should check it out, no sense in repeating it all here.

Am I available for other engagements? Yes, absolutely.

Next Engagement

The next engagement could be with you. Web Based? Mobile Based? Back-end REST? Database design and maintenance? Design? Modeling? You want to talk to me, Gunnar Swan, and lets get your project deployed.

About Gunnar

Grew up in San Diego and did a -3- year stint in the U.S. Army as a tank mechanic.

After the Army I started work and went to college in the evening for five years using the GI Bill.

Work & College

While working and going to college I accepted an employment offer with a CPA firm in Orange County. So I moved to Orange County. For 4+ years I was their senior programmer and DBA, servicing all their clients SQL Server databases over the entire southwestern United States.

It's been a natural progression of more sophisticated programming and responsibility - and a great record of producing software that works, is on time and on budget.


My wife and I live in the foothills east of El Cajon California with our cat. She knows exactly what a coyote is and is very wary. It's unincorporated out here - out in the sticks.

Enjoy working on the house and landscaping. The lot needed re-leveling and retaining walls. Had to haul out over 10 cubic yards of dirt by hand - the area was not accessible by vehicle. What a monster project.


With the grading and landscaping wrapping up, I'm looking forward to painting the exterior of the house.

And I'm having fun developing software as UpshotAPPS. Do check out UpshotAPPS new product - MediSeek.

Enough about me! Drop a line and lets talk about the software projects you want executed. UpshotApps at gmail dot com.